We are a 501 c(3), which was started as a family community service project in 2011.

We are on track to facilitate the distribution of more than 200,000 books a year.

Goal: Our goal is to facilitate the distribution of more than 1,000,000 books a year by 2024.

This requires organizations within communities to work together to help determine where there are remainder books and where is the greatest need for the remainders.   Within a community, there can be organizations sending their valuable books to pulp, while there are families without a single book in their homes.  We understand that in order to achieve our goal, we must promote awareness.  We are now promoting awareness of a need to donate used books through events and community organizations.


We promote literacy through the collection and distribution of books.

Collection Examples:

We work with organizations that have book sale events by providing books before their sales and picking up all remainders.

We work with neighborhood organizations to donate the books they need, where they are needed.  The donations may go to schools, nursing homes, Friends of The Libary Chapters.

We collect remainders from organizations, such as libraries of other non-profit organizations on a regular basis.

We accept book remainders from publishers.


- This list of examples is not exhaustive.

Distribution Examples:

Books are distributed to-

Communities, via massive free book distribution events.



Food Banks

Medical Clinics

Nursing Homes


Developing Countries - We donate books to other non-profit organizations, which ship books to developing countries.

Non-profit organizations which sell books to raise money, such as Friends of The Library and Habitat for Humanity Restore.   They promote literacy in their communities by providing books at a discounted price.  They also raise money for home repairs and sustainable housing, as well as literacy programs.

Again, this list is not exhaustive.