Classroom Libraries


Yesterday we met with Troy Smith, a new fifth grade teacher at Cresthaven Elementary School (Title I School) in Silver Spring, Maryland. He found us from a note he posted on a neighborhood list serve requesting books for his classroom library. A Facebook friend shared his note and asked if we could help.

We asked the Principal for Glenallen, Mr. Moran if we could use his school as a hub for teachers and organizations to pick up books from, after we drop the books off in quantities of 1,500+ at a time. Mr. Moran was enthusiastic about being a community partner in the promotion of literacy, as was Ms. Hirst, Mr. Moran's Administrative Assistant.


We asked Mr. Smith if he would accept a pallet of books at his own school, instead of picking up a few cases at Glenallen. He elected to pick up a few cases from Glenallen, while the approval of his principal was pending.

When we met with Mr. Smith at Glenallen we asked that he spread the news that we have thousands of books available for both, teachers and students. The day after we met him, Jason Henry called and said that Mr. Smith sent him to us to get books. Mr. Henry picked up books for 
Rock Forest Creek Elementary School in Chevy Chase, MD. Again, we asked him to inquire with his principal to see if they would accept an entire pallet, as it is easier for us to send a pallet, then to restock the books. It is also going to make more books available to the teachers and students at his school.

This morning Mr. Smith said that he too is spreading the word about the availability of the books and that we are to anticipate many more teachers contacting us to obtain books for their classroom libraries. These books will make a huge impact in that area because not everyone there has a book at home.

This past summer however we had a book bank. We spent our time resetting up the book swap station, after we gave him some books. We moved multiple boxes on to shelves just inside the entrance. The school book swap is now ready for the upcoming school year. We will continue to drop off books and organize throughout the year.