Glenallan Elementary School Gets Ready To Become A Summer Library

Glenallan Elementary School prepares to host students at their summer library.



In preparation for thousands of children using the school as a library this summer, Glenallan is bringing in the books.

They are going to share these books with students at their school and get them primed for summer reading.

Once summer break begins, the students will be able to come, get a book and keep it.  They are asked to return any unwanted books.  The rest are theirs to keep.

This is a tremendous resource for the community, as the two closest libraries, Wheaton Library and Aspen Hill Library are both closed for the summer. 

Velocity of Books is  supplying all of the books, which will likely exceed 15,000 by the end of the summer.  We are hopeful that the community will enjoy this resource and elect to use other schools as an option for students to access books that they may take and keep.

Discover Books provided the books to Velocity of Books, which in turn donated them to Glenallan.

Discover Books placed a donation bin in the parking lot for any unwanted adult books.   The community is asked to bring children's books into the school whenever possible.