Niagara Falls Library




Literacy programs vary considerably from one town to the next, and certainly between different countries.

From my perspective the Niagara Falls library system is much better than the Montgomery County, Maryland library system. In Niagara Falls they have an amazing summer reading program sponsored by TD bank and the Canadian government. They have incentives and greatly encourage reading. they have visually appealing summer reading packet, which entice the students to actually read. The packets are given to them at the end of the school year showing that intuitive is taken to help the students.

Compared to the Montgomery County summer reading program it is much more impactful and engaging.

Niagara Falls greatly contrasts with the MC, Maryland summer reading program. Many of the students in Montgomery County aren't aware of said program. Summer reading is not advertised and the only to find out about it would be to ask. This is not the way to run it and MCPL should take notes about Niagara libraries.

Additionally they have evolved their libraries in more ways than one. They feel that "Libraries were to created to ensure access to things that were needed but hard to get or expensive. That used to just be books but now includes video games, magazines, and audio books also." These are but a few of the feats in the prodigious Niagara Falls library system.

                                                                                                                By: Jack Thompson