Systems for Promoting Literacy


                                  We deliver books rain or shine

This is one of numerous examples of book collection and distribution.

Last Saturday, we served breakfast at this shelter on Gude Dr. in Rockville, with Kiwanis Club of Rockville.

We noticed that there was an entire library of books very few people were using. We suggested that they start boxing up the books they don't want, so that they could be removed. Thus, they would have room for fresh books of interest.

It was our intention to bring the books to other organizations which could use them.  We took a pause and realized that this is not a sustainable action.   It would keep us in the loop.  If we are going to help thousands of communities, the communities must be able to help themselves.

We took a new approach.   We told new director of the shelter that Habitat for Humanity Restore, which is 1/4 mile away is looking for volunteers.  It was my understanding that the residents of the shelter need volunteer hours.  When they go to volunteer, they can bring the books to Restore.  They said that this was absolutely a viable option for them.
Restore will attempt to sell the books.  This will generate revenue for affordable housing and home repairs.
Any books not sold by Restore will be donated to Discover Books, which in turn sells what they can and donates children's books back to Velocity of Books. They hold the books in the warehouse, so Velocity of Books does not have to pay for storage.  Then Velocity of Books texts their contact and provides them with a location and quantity of books they need delivered.
Discover Books will provide a shipping date.  Velocity of Books notifies the recipient.
Update on Activities:
We recently coordinated the distribution of book collection bins at Midas in Wheaton and Glenallan Elm, in Glenmont.
Velocity of Books set up the system of Discover Books, whereby Discover Books will drop off books of value and pic up remainders from Restore.
Velocity of Books also identified Montgomery County schools which need thousands of books because two of the local libraries, Wheaton and Aspen Hill are closed for the summer.
In order for the system to be sustainable,  communities must be able to have systems in place for collecting and distributing books, which is not reliant on Velocity of Books.
Starting this June, Velocity of Books Co-Founders will be touring many communities to see how they promote literacy and specifically the collection and distribution of remainder books.

Input is always welcome.