Velocity of Books 2018 Annual Report

Velocity of Books 2018 Annual Report 


Letter from the President:

Velocity of Books was started as a family community service project in 2011 with the belief that people who consistently have books of interest available are more likely to read.   They will become more educated and model the behavior of reading for others.

Velocity of Books strives to promote literacy and eliminate book deserts through the distribution of free books. 

Students who have access to free books of interest throughout the summer have demonstrated that they score higher on their fall reading assessments, compared to their reading assessments administered the previous spring.  We have demonstrated it is not simply access to summer education programs, but books of interest which empower students of all socio-economic backgrounds.


Thank you for your continued belief in our mission.

Carolyn Thompson, Co-founder/ President


The distribution of free books to promote literacy.


We provide books to community service organizations, such as Catholic Charities and Manna Food Bank to display and offer free books of interest to recipients of social services. 

We provide books to youth detention centers. This is often the first opportunity for at-risk youth have had to access books of interest in their entire life.  These books support the education they are receiving through the prison system.  The books offer an opportunity for healing and temporary relief from depression, anxiety and trauma. 

We provide books to organizations, such as Books for International Goodwill.   We focus on sending paperback books for both children and adults. The books are shipped overseas.  The paperback books are more likely to be made available for free to the communities.  This is not always true of hardcover books.

We stock free-standing libraries.

We've found these approaches to be the best way to reach the poorest citizens.



We offer access to books which will develop student skills as well as their confidence.


Students served by our organization demonstrate significant academic improvement and more confidence.  This has led students to challenge themselves and continue, higher education and more career choices. 


Our program brings together people of all socio-economic backgrounds.   Avid readers tend to have more disposable income. They donate the books with to those less fortunate with the hope that their donation will empower others to be their best.


In 2018 50,785 books were distributed to schools, social support organizations and at events. 


Expenses: $11.319

Cost per book distributed: $.22 per book 

 Projections for 2019 and beyond

Velocity of books is on track to facilitate the distribution of more than 100,000 books in 2019 and 1,000,000 books in 2020.

We are opening a free book store in Wheaton, Maryland 

We are working with Virginia Tech, students from Blacksburg Middle School, Blacksburg High School and volunteers from New River Timebank to convert 100 newspaper bins donated by The Washington Post to free-standing libraries.  These free-standing libraries will be placed in high density/low-income and rural/low-income communities identified by the Montgomery County, VA School Board, community service organizations and the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library.


Carolyn Thompson – Chairman of the Board/President/ Secretary/ Executive Director

John Thompson – Co-Vice President / Treasurer

John Thompson III -Co-Vice President / Events Director

Julian Thompson - Co-Vice President / Chief Creative Officer