Velocity of Books Distributes Over 100,000 Books - New Goal 1,000,000 A YEAR


Velocity of Books encourages book sales. Sales are an

opportunity to generate revenue, while providing books

of interest at an affordable cost.

Velocity of Books has distributed well over 100,000 books and has sights set on facilitating the distribution of 1 million books a year.

It's so easy to reduce pulping and get books back out the the community, when individuals and organizations work together.


Jack and Julian wait while book buyers complete their



Books have been boxed in Gaylord boxes.  

At this event, Discover Books picked up the remainders.

They will sell the books and provide books to Velocity of

Books at no charge at a later date. 


This enables Velocity of Books to operate without a

warehouse; reduce overhead  by not having to rent a truck

or pay for fuel for this event.