Working with Rotary


The Rotary club (An international community service organization) of Silver Spring, Maryland has asked us to meet with them and discuss the options that they have to promote literacy in their community.

There were five organizations which presented to Rotary. They were MCAEL, CASA Maryland, Montgomery County Friends of The Library, Silver Spring Library and Velocity of Books.

MCAEL, Montgomery County Adult English Literacy, proposed that Rotary help get visibility for their organziation, volunteer at the spelling bee and other literacy events.

CASA Maryland mentioned that it would be helpful to have members participate in conversation circles, so that people who don't speak English could English Speakers.

Montgomery County Friends of The Library said that they could use help in their stores, but did not state any specific volunteer opportunity.

Silver Spring Library said that they have a need for technology education. They don't have a program in place, but said that they envision an eight week course for adults to learn how to use computers.  This goes from the basics of using a mouse through getting a website.

Velocity of Books said that Rotary could establish a book swap station in their local school.  Velocity of Books could deliver the books if Rotary could shelve them. Rotary would also need to supply the book shelves.  If Rotary so chose, they could participate in literacy nights at the school, in which they could give out free books to the students.

Velocity of Books also suggested that Rotary host a community book distribution, as we did in Rockville and Baltimore.

Lastly, we suggested that can give books from Books for International Goodwill, BIG ( which is sponsored by Rotary) to home bound adults. They can connect with the home-bound adults through the villages program that is sponsored by Montgomery County Government.

The Rotary meeting went from 8:00am until 9:30am, but we were committed to be at Glenallan Elementary School at 10:00am.  So,we had to leave at 9:17am. We distributed 400 free books to their students and their parents. That was our last opportunity to get students primed for school before school starts on the following Monday.

Rotary is scheduled to make a decision as to which program they will impliment on September 9th.