Westfiled Wheaton Summer Reading Kick-off



 Velocity of Books will set up bookshelves at Westfield Wheaton on the week of May 1, 2017

The books shelves will be stocked and a sign will be displayed inviting guests to take books

On June 17th, 2017 Velocity of Books will host an event giving away more than 20,000 books.
This event has the support of Maryland Governor Hogan's Office.
There will be music, games and prizes at the event.

There will be free standing libraries donated by the community. The libraries will be full of free books, which the mall visitors will be encouraged to take.

There will be flyers promoting the Barnes and Noble and Montgomery County Public Library summer reading initiatives.

Throughout the summer, the bookshelves will continue to be filled by volunteers, to provide constant access to books of interest.

 It is anticipated that visitors will come from throughout the state of Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to get the free books throughout the summer. 

 The goal is to give away more than 100,000 books by the end of the summer, which will show good will and substantially increase the visitors to the mall.    
Velocity of Books acknowledges that when the Westfield realizes an increase in foot traffic as a result of our efforts, they are more likely to expand programs like ours to their other malls.