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Patrick Rothfuss - Supports Prisoners by Donating His Books


Patrick Rothfuss  is donating his books to the prisoners.  There is quite a buzz amount prison librarians, who are excited to have popular books to provide to their communities. 

We applaud Mr. Rothfuss and encourage everyone to keep donating books to the community.

Your can find his blog on this link:

Mr. Rothfuss's books are available on Amazon


We Support Homeless Children

Homeless Children Book Recipient

Mary's Center Donation Made This Week

Marys Center Book DonationsThis week, we were able to donate another five cases of books to Mary's Center on Flower Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland.  We are excited that we can continue to support their efforts to provide more than medical services to pregnant women.

They strive to help address the needs of the entire family.

Does your organization need support?

Let us know and we'll see what we can do to help.

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