Over 4,000 Books Received This Week

Volunteers at Smith College Book Sale3/29/2015 , 7:30pm We arrived at MD Fairgrounds and assessed the situation.7:31 We are greeting by friends who showed up in advance. https://www.facebook.com/hschwartzbeck gives everyone direction. We went from a state of shock ( Carolyn Thompson), to a state of calm, as Heather shows us how we can get started before 8:00pm, on the daunting task which stands before us.

After a short time we are rolling through the boxing process,  sorting the books between hard cover for the prison system (which we find out later is an unnecessary task, as they will take both soft and hard cover, unlike many prison systems). We are running out of boxes.

We brought over 100 empty boxes, but it wasn't enough. The volunteers from Smith College, go to their warehouse and get boxes. They bring them back and start taping them up. The boxes are bigger than the liquor boxes and get heavy. We are thankful. We continue to box and load the truck. One person is focusing on stacking the boxes inside the truck, while others are using the many dollies (we purchased earlier in the week), to move the material as swiftly as possible.



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More Book Donations Keep Coming In

This week, we are thankful to be receiving books from Dee Brant of Something Old Something New Marketplace  She has an estate sales client who is purging 20 boxes of books.

If you or someone you know is purging books, please contact us, so we can help direct you to the nearest drop station, or if you have a sizable donation, we can come pick up the books for you.