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Velocity of Books has been approved for Montgomery County Public Schools SSL Hours!

Volunteers interested in helping out with the book festival on July 16th can sign up here.  You'll be contacted with additional information:



Rockville Rock'n Read 2016


Join us for music, games, prizes and of course books.  ***More than 10,000 books will be given away at this event.***

Rockville Town Square - 30 Maryland Avenue Rockville, MD 20850

July 16th, 2016 Noon-4:00pm

Rockville Rock'n Read Details

Glenallan Elementary School Gets Ready To Become A Summer Library

Glenallan Elementary School prepares to host students at their summer library.



In preparation for thousands of children using the school as a library this summer, Glenallan is bringing in the books.

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Systems for Promoting Literacy


                                  We deliver books rain or shine

This is one of numerous examples of book collection and distribution.

Last Saturday, we served breakfast at this shelter on Gude Dr. in Rockville, with Kiwanis Club of Rockville.

We noticed that there was an entire library of books very few people were using. We suggested that they start boxing up the books they don't want, so that they could be removed. Thus, they would have room for fresh books of interest.

It was our intention to bring the books to other organizations which could use them.  We took a pause and realized that this is not a sustainable action.   It would keep us in the loop.  If we are going to help thousands of communities, the communities must be able to help themselves.

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Rock'n Read Erie Kickoff Meeting


Carolyn Thompson, Co-founder of Velocity of Books meets with youth advocates and stakeholders to discus bringing the Rock'n Read program to Erie, PA.

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Donation-Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia


Remainders from the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia book sale will make a profound impact on many of the lives of the neediest people.

Be part of the solution. If you know of a book sale or a significant number of books being purged, please let us know, so that we can get them back out the community.


Velocity of Books Distributes Over 100,000 Books - New Goal 1,000,000 A YEAR


Velocity of Books encourages book sales. Sales are an

opportunity to generate revenue, while providing books

of interest at an affordable cost.

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Velocity of Books Commits To Help State of MD Collect 10,000 for Public Schools

Velocity of Books is collecting 10,000 books for Maryland elementary schools identified as schools with as few as thirty books in their school libraries.  Together, we can make a difference.

Maryland Governors Book Colllection

TV Has An Adverse Impact On Grades


Study shows that reducing TV time has a greater impact on increasing test scores, than increasing study time.

Help students by getting them involved in activities other than TV.

These boys read, bike, boat and skate. 

Their mother worked hard to get them involved in activities before considering turning on the TV.  As a result of their mother reading with them and working hard to provide books of interest, they don't have to watch TV to be entertained.  They also don't have to study as hard as many other kids who watch a lot of TV.